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Natural Morning Sickness Remedies: EFT Tapping

Ok, I’ll be honest… The technique I’m going to share in this article is one I’m not particularly crazy about. Proponents of EFT (or Tapping, as it’s often called on the internet) claim it can cure everything from phobias and emotional traumas to dyslexia and warts. Usually, anything that claims to be a panacea of that magnitude leaves me a little skeptical, unless there’s a decent body of hard science to back it up. Most of the “evidence” of EFT’s usefulness is solidly anecdotal and I have yet to see any real proof of its effectiveness.

That being said, I do know people who swear by its ability to short-circuit physical and emotional patterns that won’t respond to any other treatment. When I was searching for relief from my own early pregnancy symptoms I came across several websites that promoted EFT as a “cure” for morning sickness. Willing to try anything once, I decided there wouldn’t be any harm in setting my skepticism aside and giving it a shot.

Now, I’m usually someone who is pretty level-headed and able to stay calm in almost any situation. But when I was still trying to get a handle on my morning sickness symptoms, I definitely had moments in which I started freaking out over the idea of not being able to work (something that would’ve destroyed my new brand new and still struggling business) or even over the irrational thought that I would never again just feel normal. What I found was that EFT seemed to lessen my morning sickness to some degree when it was at its worst and I was starting to feel panic-y.

Will EFT work for your morning sickness symptoms? I’m not making any promises with this one, but I thought I would include information on the technique in case you’re at the point that I was and you’re willing to try anything.

What is EFT?
EFT involves using your fingers to tap on specific acupuncture points located on the hands, face and body while reciting affirmations out loud. (One of the points used is KD27 which I wrote about in a previous article. Click here to read it. This is the best point for morning sickness-related nausea and stimulating it might have something to do with EFT’s effect on morning sickness symptoms.) Proponents says it “resets” the body’s energy circuits (this is NOT an idea found anywhere in Traditional Chinese Medicine or acupuncture, by the way, even though EFT practitioners often claim it’s based in TCM) and can cure all manner of ailments from mental-emotional disorders to physical diseases.

EFT How To:
The founder of EFT offers a free (if long-winded) tutorial online which does a much better job of outlining the technique than I could possibly manage here. Click here to access the free tutorial. (Just fyi, there are a million websites online that are charging for this exact same, or very slightly modified, information. Please don’t get suckered into paying for an ebook or video course on EFT when the same information is freely available to you.)

Suggested EFT affirmations:
(These will make sense after reading the tutorial.)
“Even though I have morning sickness, I deeply and completely accept myself”.
“Even though I have this nausea, I deeply and completely accept myself”.
“Even though I have this aversion to smell, I deeply and completely accept myself”.

You can substitute any other symptoms specific to you (specific food aversions, vomiting, digestive tract irritation, etc). I also suggest running through all of the points three times without stopping for each affirmation you decide to use. Once you’re done, assess how you’re feeling and repeat the process as necessary.

Have you tried using EFT for morning sickness? Did it help? Let me know in the comments below!